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The Online Inventory Management App

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Benefits of Using Our Online Inventory System (Cloudware)

The Benefits of Using Inventory4

Inventory4 is built from the point of view of people who are on the front lines of inventory management—not from the point of view of accountants, IT people, or third-party software that requires integration and compromises. In today's world, your inventory data needs to be accessible to lots of different people both within and outside of your organization. And every person who connects with your inventory will have a different job to do and will need to have access that's custom tailored to their needs and your security. Using spreadsheets to track inventory, whether in Excel or Google Docs, just doesn't get the job done. Below, we spell out some of the benefits of using Inventory4.

Apples signify the benefits of Inventory4's online inventory tracking application.

Why Inventory4 Is Such a Great Program

If you've been searching the Internet for inventory software, chances are you've come across two major types of programs. First is the highly customizable, feature-rich, "enterprise" class programs.These can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Big companies can easily spend more than one million dollars on inventory systems. They get exactly what they want (sometimes!) because they will have consultants working on the creation and implementation of the software.

On the other end of the spectrum are the "off-the-shelf" boxware products that you install on your computer. These are difficult to customize and must be installed on every computer that uses them. They're hard to share with people outside of your corporate network, and they're often hard to use because they're designed for "everyone".

Inventory4 is different. It's Inventory Cloudware, an inventory system that lives "in the cloud", not on your computer or server. There's nothing to install, no annoying updates, and best of all, you can access your inventory from any device that can run a web browser.

It's Really Easy to Use

Why is our inventory software so easy to use? Because it was designed for the typical warehouse worker to use, not an accountant, executive, or programmer. Inventory4 has been developed in close cooperation with real end users. Ever use software and wonder, "Do the people that make this ever actually use it?" We have.

That's why our program works like a typical website. We don't hide functions in pull-down menus, the text sizes are larger than what you usually see, the design is clean and simple, and it's not bloated with crazy features that you'll never use.

Another reason it's easy to use is that it doesn't try to do too much. Most inventory software is an "add-on" to an accounting package or developed to work with other systems. This adds a level of complexity and frustration to what should be a pretty simple process. Inventory4 is totally focused on doing one thing only—inventory management.

It's Fast

Your inventory software is a mission-critical application. Quite often, the speed of your online inventory software will depend on your Internet connection. The more data and graphics that need to be transferred, the slower the application will run. That's why we keep our interface simple and constantly review our code for anything that might slow page load times or eat up bandwidth.

On our end, we know that server, processor, and bandwidth capacity is critical. That's why our application is located in a true "cloud computing" environment where servers and bandwidth can be expanded based on demand and quickly scaled up or down as needed. It's not inventory software, it's inventory cloudware.

Your Inventory Data Is Secure

All Inventory4 accounts are password protected. Your data will not be indexed by search engines and remains completely private. All accounts also operate under an SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, which is the same security technology used by many banks and other major websites. All the data you transmit to and from our servers is encrypted.

You Can Customize It

What information do you need to keep track of when you receive items into inventory? We have no idea! What sort of data do you want to associate with your items? We don't know! Most companies solve this problem by putting every data collection field they can think of in the application and force you to use whatever terms they use. Our approach is much easier. You tell us what information you want to track, and you can collect as much or as little information as you like. You can require users to fill out certain fields when they perform transactions or make them optional.

Custom Inventory Software at Its Best

But wait, there's more! You can customize the interface at the user level as well. Don't want Fred in Sales to make transactions and screw everything up? You can turn off that function for his user account. Don't want Janice in Shipping to view the cost of your inventory items? You can turn off her access to reports or parts of the application that display this information. You can even set up external users, allow them to check stock on an item-by-item basis, and not allow them access to any other parts of the inventory software. That's custom inventory software on a whole new level!

You Can Access Inventory From Anywhere

Because Inventory4 is an Internet application, you can access your inventory from anywhere you have access to the Internet. If you can fire up a web browser on a phone, a computer, an iPad, an iPod touch, an airport kiosk, a hotel business center, anywhere, you can now access your organization's inventory.

It Answers All Your Important Questions

Inventory4 does an excellent job at answering your most important questions about your inventory. How much do I have? Where is that stuff? How much did I use last year? Where did I pull that stock from? What does this item look like? … and on and on. If you've been frustrated by getting answers to your most basic questions about your inventory, using Inventory4 will be like coming up for air.

It's Free Until It's Cheap!

You can use Inventory4's online inventory software absolutely free of charge, with no credit card required, for up to 30 days from the time you set up your account. After that, you can use it on a monthly subscription basis. Depending on your needs, you can use Inventory4 for as little as $39.99 per month.